Chef 4.0

Heart of Caffe Pralet's Modern Kitchen

Rational Cooking Systems has made food preparation a breeze, grilling, roasting, baking, steaming, stewing, blanching or poaching food, all within a space of less than about 11 ft².

Chef’s Secrets – Transforming Jobs for an Ageing Workforce

Supporting Mature Workers with Productivity Tools

Tip Top Curry Puff – Handmade Puffs Since 1979

Digitalising an iconic heritage brand to improve customer service

Lao Huo Tang Simmers Its Way to Success

Lao Huo Tang started off as a humble hawker stall in Chinatown Complex in 2008. It prides itself on serving nourishing Chinese soups brewed only from the freshest vegetables, lean meat or pork ribs and flavoured only by natural ingredients.

Show and Tell

Chang Cheng shows off the fruits of their long-time partnership with NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)

Supplying 3 Million Ramen Portions Annually – Here in Singapore!

How Japan Foods’ Central Kitchen Supplies Quality and Authentic Japanese Cuisine In Bulk

Evolve with technology

Find out how Al Mohamadia, a beloved heartland eatery, evolved using technology

Redesigning for a better experience

Discover how Khan Saab embraced technology while preserving Mamak culture

Serving you better with technology

Cafe Milligram is a renowned Australian café brand serving organic Australian cherry bean coffee and food.

Creating Unforgettable Epicurean Experiences with 159atas

Providing quality and finesse with value and accessibility using technology

Placing Customers at the Heart of the Business

Al Ameen shows how technology has helped them to achieve higher service standards

Orange Clove Catering Elevates the Food Catering Industry

Find out how catering plus technology, equals a better industry process for Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd.

Saying ‘Ola’ to Digitalisation at Ola Café

The sun-drenched shores of Honolulu are washed up on our island at Ola Café.

A Journey to France: Chef 4.0 Initiative – Skill UP

France is a country well-loved by visitors. Aside from the diversity of its landscape and remarkable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, France is internationally recognised for its exquisite cuisines and food culture.

Reinventing Authentic Chinese Zi Char at Yam’s Kitchen

Yam Kitchen revolutionises the well loved zi char institution by freeing up time and manpower to engage with customers.

Keep Kurry and Korner On

Find out how a local Indian restaurant, Kurry Korner adopts new technologies to increase productivity.

Innovation and Automation at Kim’s Paradise

Find out how Singapore’s largest tingkat supplier uses innovation and automation to cater to thousands of people everyday.

Winning The Hearts of Every Customer, Every Time

Learn About Neo Garden’s Competitive Advantage

Transforming Liang Yuan

Liang Yuan embarks on a journey of transformation to improve its business operations, providing better and safer jobs for its workers.

Sin Li-Hin Frozen Food Pte Ltd: Keeping Customers and Workers Happy

Find out how Sin Li-Hin Frozen Food Pte Ltd leveraged on the WorkPro Job Redesign to maximise the potential of their workforce.

Gao Ji Food (S): Hawker Fare with a Modern Touch

We discover how this much-loved proprietor has kept authenticity alive in Asian cooking since 1954.

Embracing Digitalisation

Technology guides decision-making and improves day-to-day operations at Goobne Singapore

Efficiency at BrewHouse@56

Read about how BrewHouse@56 used technology to increase customer satisfaction, reduce bottlenecks and improve workplace safety.

Earning Big at Zhen Neng Zhu LaMian Pte Ltd

Discover how workers in this la mian business sweat less and earn more.

Serving Authenticity at Museum Café

Located within a historic building, find out how Museum Café strives to serve authentic Peranakan food.

Going the Extra Mile

Discover how excellent service standard is made possible with streamlined work processes at The English House.

Refining the Good Old Taste

Find out how Good Old Taste reinvented itself by marrying taste with technology.

The French Kitchen Revolution

Local French restaurant Lerouy enhances its mise en place with automation.

NTUC’s e2i & Novitee’s Chef 4.0 Series: Episode 3

In the final instalment of the series, Novitee’s CEO Benjamin Yang shares key concepts revolving Chef 4.0 and explains more about Technical Skills.

NTUC’s e2i & Novitee’s Chef 4.0 Series: Episode 2

In the second instalment of the series, Novitee’s CEO Benjamin Yang shares key concepts revolving Chef 4.0 and explains more about Adaptive Skills.

NTUC’s e2i & Novitee’s Chef 4.0 Series: Episode 1

In this first instalment of the series, Novitee’s CEO Benjamin Yang shares on key concepts revolving around Chef 4.0 and explains more about Technology Skills.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is known for serving mouth-watering food at an affordable price and is often called the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the world!

Food Fresh Pte Ltd

Established in Singapore by a team of entrepreneurial individuals in 2014, Food Fresh specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of ready-to-serve artisan pastry.

Nourishing a Generation With Bowls of Porridge

How this porridge-specialist survived to see its 10th year even during Covid-19

Ho Heng’s Secret to Growth

It can be daunting to balance the central kitchen operations for a multi-cuisine restaurant setup, but Ho Heng appears to have found a winning formula.

Distrii Takes Singapore by Storm

Established in 2016 in Shanghai China, Distrii is a one of the largest providers of technology-driven co-working space.

Once Bitten, Twice Strong

Bouncing back from the bird flu of 1996, Ever Dragon Foodstuff was able to pivot its business and even managed to expand its operations. Fast forward to 2020, amidst even stronger headwinds, the company continues to defy the odds.

Success in a Can

Some business owners set up their operations to carve out a strong local foothold, but there are others who have their eye on a bigger prize - regional expansion.


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