Orange Clove Catering Elevates the Food Catering Industry
Words By Andrew Koh

Find out how catering plus technology, equals a better industry process for Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd.

Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd is an established food caterer in Singapore, offering international cuisine with an Asian flair for many corporate clients, be it MNCs or SMEs. Over the last 13 years, customer satisfaction and food quality remain at the company’s highest priority.

Being in food catering for more than a decade, the business involves heavily in services such as event conceptualisation, logistics setup, and creative food catering. The manpower required for such activities are substantial as well. To respond to manpower planning and customers’ changing needs, the company saw the need to redesign its work processes and make its workplace more age friendly. Henceforth, Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd has tapped on the NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) WorkPro Job Redesign grant to purchase and implement an Egg Breaker Machine and Produce Washing Machine respectively.

Prior to such technology in the workplace, the older workers had to perform various activities manually, including breaking of eggs and washing of vegetables which proved to be tedious and time-consuming. However, with the new equipment in place, they can now simply load, crack, and separate the eggs efficiently, minimising the need of egg wastage and shorten overall preparation time. Furthermore, the older workers can now utilise the washing machine’s ozonizing technology in place to clean a huge amount of produce (which is known to be approximately 500kg of vegetables handled per worker daily), thus lowering the probability of cross-contamination.

While there have been significant improvements, Orange Clove Catering Pte Ltd, like many other businesses, is faced with uncertain circumstances surrounding this COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenging climate, they see this as an opportunity to embrace this new situation and stand out from the rest. It is commendable that they are constantly looking at ways to strengthen its internal capabilities, such as re-training their staff and innovating ideas to expand its product offerings.

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