Placing Customers at the Heart of the Business
Words by Janelle Ting

Al Ameen shows how technology has helped them to achieve higher service standards

Located at Bukit Purmei Road, Al Ameen is a food outlet that specialises in authentic and traditional Indian-Muslim cuisine. Since 2004, their sumptuous dishes, such as Briyana, Prata, Rojak, and Mee Goreng, have won them many loyal customers.

However, in today’s time-starved society, taste alone is not sufficient to attract customers. The waiting duration and ease of ordering are other factors of consideration. Al Ameen recognises the gap and constantly looks for ways to improve their operations and better serve their customers.

Hence when the company learned of the WorkPro Job Redesign initiative by NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), they immediately expressed interest. Al Ameen shared that before the project, most of its work processes were manual. The staff took orders with pen and paper, and illegible handwriting led to frequent miscommunication among them. It also resulted in food wastage, extra work for the kitchen and delivery staff, and longer waiting time for the customers.

With the funding support from e2i, Al Ameen implemented an Online and Application Ordering System. The system captures the orders made by the customers accurately, thereby improving the food preparation efficiency. Additionally, the integrated system also provides the delivery staff with accurate information and reduces wasted trips. All in all, the company saw a huge productivity improvement in various work processes. The staff also welcome the new system as it makes their jobs easier and smarter.

The new system includes a seamless integration of the online ordering software and Point-of-Sale terminal (Image courtesy of Al Ameen)

Similarly, the customers benefitted from the new system as it brings greater convenience to them. Customers can order and make payment via Al Ameen’s website or mobile application at the comfort of their homes. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and provides a fuss-free ordering experience. The waiting time is also shortened significantly with the new system, and this increases customer satisfaction.

Al Ameen is one of the first neighbourhood food outlets that adopts new technologies in its business operations. The novelty element of the mobile application is well-received and brings returning customers. The Covid-19 pandemic further illustrates that new technologies are pertinent and paramount in the Food and Beverage industry. With the dine-in restrictions, Al Ameen relies on online orders and food deliveries to sustain its business. The new Online and Application Ordering System allows them to reach their old customers and connect with new customers.

However, much as the system helps alleviate the current situation, Al Ameen’s business is not comparable to pre-Covid. For the past 17 years, Al Ameen dedicates themselves to serving delicious India-Muslim dishes at affordable prices and providing quality service to their customers. Even when the business is hard-hit by the pandemic, Al Ameen continues looking for ways to provide better customer service. On top of offering a pleasant online ordering experience, Al Ameen also performs stringent quality checks to ensure that their food products remain warm and fresh when they reach the customers. 

One of Al Ameen’s signature dishes, the Indian Rojak (Image courtesy of Al Ameen)

The recent Heightened Alert has affected many small and medium food establishments. By not compromising on its high standards, Al Ameen hopes to have the continued support of its customers during this trying period. In addition, the company also plans to embark on other productivity projects with e2i to enhance its business operations. They firmly believe that the new technologies would benefit their employees, as well as customers. With a strong customer orientation, Al Ameen is here to stay for the next 17 years.

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