Embracing Digitalisation
Words by Janelle Ting

Technology guides decision-making and improves day-to-day operations at Goobne Singapore

Goobne translates to “baked” in Korean and the brand originated from South Korea. Specialising in oven-roasted chicken baked to perfection without the use of oil, the healthier choice wins the hearts of many health-conscious diners. In addition to their signature dish, Goobne also offers a wide selection of Korean dishes such as fried rice and rice cakes.

Goobne's specialty dish: Oven-roasted chicken

With endorsement from big stars like ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, the brand gained popularity quickly and expanded overseas, with more than 10 regional franchises across Asia and Australia. In 2020, Goobne entered the Singapore market with their first outlet located at the Great World (formerly known as Great World City).

Despite having a success formula that has proven to work in South Korea, Goobne Singapore faces a new set of challenges as they adapt to the local market. With the support from NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), the company leverages technology to overcome various operational issues. Under the WorkPro Job Redesign initiative, Goobne Singapore purchased and implemented an integrated point-of-sale (POS), E-Ordering, Inventory, Kitchen Management System.

Utilising data to revise menu offerings

While the extensive menu selection at Goobne Singapore has a wider reach and attracts more customers, it is logistically challenging for the company to manage a large number of ingredients. This problem is further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic which impacts the business severely, bringing the turnover down by 50%.

To reduce food wastage, the company utilises the tracking function of the new POS System to identify and curtail menu items that are not driving the business well. In addition to gathering insights on the customers’ preferences, the system also allows Goobne Singapore to amend the menu from the backend, without disrupting business operations.

Increasing the efficiencies of various work processes

Rectifying the inefficient ordering process is another challenge faced by Goobne Singapore before they embarked on the WorkPro Job Redesign project. Previously, the orders were taken using pen and paper. Illegible handwriting by the service staff sometimes led to miscommunication with the kitchen staff, hence resulting in wrong orders being served and consequently, food wastage. However, the improved system generates typewritten order slips which eliminate potential human errors caused by illegible handwriting. Orders taken on the POS System are now sent directly to the kitchen for preparation via the order slips. The streamlined ordering process brings about significant time savings.

Another area of improvement is the food preparation process. With the added Kitchen Display System, the staff are able to consolidate orders and prepare several portions of the same dish at one setting. The increased efficiency in the food preparation process minimises waiting time and increases customer satisfaction.

Additionally, inventory management is also made easier and smarter with automation. Inventory information is updated automatically on the integrated system, hence eliminating manual stock-taking which is time-consuming and tedious for the staff. The system also tabulates and generates reports on inventory and sales in the desired formats best suited for analysis. This increases efficiency and allows for accurate analysis, guiding important business decisions.

Adapting to the new POS System

The staff at Goobne Singapore were receptive to the new system

right from the beginning. They saw the benefits brought about by the system upgrade and understood how it could improve various work processes. Upon learning about the automated functions, they were convinced that the system would make their work easier and smarter.

Despite the initial learning difficulties, the staff remained positive. With the training and assistance given by the system support team from Novitee, they were able to master and utilise the system competently in a short period of time.

Goobne's specialty dish: Oven-roasted chicken

Identifying new business opportunities

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for Food and Beverage businesses to transform and stay relevant through digital marketing has become more essential than ever. As a progressive company, Goobne Singapore also recognises the importance of adapting to the changing times and circumstances. Hence, they work on developing an effective digital marketing plan for their business.

One of the marketing strategies adopted by Goobne Singapore includes listing their menu offerings on food delivery platforms such as GrabFood and Deliveroo. The shift to digital marketing builds brand awareness, increases reach and brings about better sales for the company.

Moving forward, Goobne Singapore has plans to continue leveraging technology and online marketing to grow their business. With that, the company intends to send their staff for short courses and equip them with the relevant knowledge on how to build a strong online presence.

Find out more about Goobne Singapore and their menu offerings at https://goobne.co/

Service staff at Goobne Singapore demonstrating how to operate the new POS System

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