Chug Chug SG Boosts Efficiency
Words by Andrew Koh and Angie Koh

Local bistro Chug Chug SG refines their ordering system by adopting smart technology thanks to the WorkPro Job Redesign Scheme from NTUC e2i

Chug Chug SG is a bistro serving an extensive selection of quality food and alcoholic beverages in a homely and cosy atmosphere. Specialising in fusion food, they are constantly experimenting and creating new dishes to spice up their regular menu and attract new audiences. Some of their signatures include the Fiery Mala Pasta and Scallop Mentaiko Pasta. Currently, Chug Chug has 2 outlets located at Tanjong Pagar and Paya Lebar Quarter.

Fiery Mala Pasta

Despite its success, Chug Chug is faced with new challenges as the business continues to grow. In the absence of an appropriate system, various processes such as ordering, sales transaction, inventory tracking and reporting are done manually by its workers. This is especially overwhelming and time-consuming for older workers.

Foreseeing the need to provide a conducive working environment for employees and ensure that work processes are efficient, Chug Chug has enlisted the help of NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). Under the WorkPro Job Redesign Scheme, Chug Chug has implemented the POS, E-Ordering and Kitchen Management System to make the jobs easier and smarter for older workers. With the introduction of this new system, manual processes are eliminated and workspace is optimised.

For example, workers no longer need to take orders manually as orders are now made through the POS or tablet and are sent directly to the kitchen for processing. The order slips will be generated through the system in an orderly manner, allowing the workers identify and deliver the correct orders, minimising human errors that may arise from illegible handwriting. The productivity of its workers is increased and food can be delivered to customers more quickly.

In addition, this system allows for inventory data to be managed and updated automatically, diminishing the need for manual stock-taking and data retrieval. Previously, workers had to manage inventory data using paper records or Excel which had been tedious and inefficient. Sales and inventory reports can also be swiftly generated and tabulated in desired formats for clear analysis. The above features have helped to lighten the workload of its older employees and avoid discrepancies that may occur through manual data tracking and reporting.

Overall, all these job redesign initiatives have helped to reduce costs and enhance productivity while improving customers’ dining experience. These benefits are also shared with two of its older workers, aged 50 and above, through a pay raise which serves as a morale booster as well.

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