Increasing Workers’ Employability leads to Higher Profitability
Words by Janelle Ting

Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) are skills conversion programmes that assist mid-career switchers to transit into different occupations or sectors with good prospects and opportunities for progression. There have been many success stories following the programme’s implementation. Progressive companies like Garage Flower have tapped on it to train new hires from different departments.

The Director of Garage Flower, Jacob Tan, highly recommends the CCPs. He shared that the programme has allowed the company to hire with greater ease, speed and confidence. On top of recruitment and hiring, the company also finds it helpful in its employee training and development. New hires without pre-existing knowledge and skillsets can assimilate quicker into their new roles under a comprehensive training plan and close guidance. For Garage Flower, a tailored training plan is paramount. It speeds up the learning curve and ensures that new hires acquire both the generic and technical skills to perform their work duties effectively without supervision.

Additionally, a competent workforce boosts work productivity and value-adds business operations, increasing profits in the long run. It also facilitates good working relationships and builds team morale. New hires with relevant skills and knowledge can contribute more and lighten their co-workers’ workload, while companies have the flexibility to redeploy existing workers. Hence, it minimises redundancies and creates opportunities for workforce and business transformation.

Similarly, employees also benefit from structured on-the-job training. A case in point is Karthik George, Garage Flower’s second employee to undergo the CCP by NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). Previously working in sales and marketing, Karthik took the bold step to explore a new industry as a retail warehouse coordinator. He finds the training beneficial in his transition as it has equipped him with the technical system knowledge to coordinate flower shipments and keep stock. Support and guidance from his team also aided him greatly.

Karthik George focuses intently as his work mentor guides him

While the big move may seem daunting to some, it was a relatively stress-free experience for Karthik. He shared that he always turns to his colleagues for advice when in doubt. Furthermore, his friends and family encourage him to pursue his interest in the floristry industry. Ten months into his job at Garage Flower, Karthik is now competent in warehouse management and has even stepped up to take on new responsibilities. The industry-recognised training has enhanced Karthik’s professional development and employability, making him a more valuable employee. He is grateful for the opportunity and hopes his story can inspire other mid-career switchers.

Karthik George performs stocktake in the warehouse

On top of the employees and employers, the whole economy also benefits from higher employment rates, workforce employability and job satisfaction, all of which contribute to a higher gross domestic product. Jacob Tan aptly added that “the scheme ensures an equitable distribution of social, personal and corporate responsibilities”. He sees value in the CCPs and intends to continue the partnership with e2i to kickstart Garage Flower’s transformation journey.


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