Distrii Takes Singapore by Storm
Words by Candy Tee

Established in 2016 in Shanghai China, Distrii is a one of the largest providers of technology-driven co-working space. With over 45 centres in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xiong’An, Suzhou, Hefei and Singapore, Distrii has been serving over 110,000 members from over 1000 enterprises in the last four years.

Distrii Singapore @ Republic Plaza, the unrivalled smart co-working space in Singapore, spans 62,000 square feet across six levels in the heart of the Central Business District of Singapore. Led by Ms Jo Hu, co-founder and CEO of Distrii Singapore, Distrii provides different groups of users (freelancers, start-ups, SMEs, MNCs) from all industries with over 900 smart work stations, private offices and customisable team spaces. It also features a flexible multi-purpose event hall that holds up to 200 people, venues for seminars and workshops, as well as recreational and food and beverage (F&B) facilities.

A State-of-the-Art Flexible Working Environment

The ‘ii’ in Distrii represents two shoulder-to-shoulder companions, where Distrii prizes them-self as a loyal partner and companion to their tenants, also known as Distrii members. Adminis-trative duties such as courier arrangement, HR training, finance and auditing services, legal ser-vices and company registration are wholly facilitated by Distrii for their members.

Distrii differentiates itself from other co-working operators through their in-house proprietary Cloud-based Mobile Phone Application (Distrii App). Upon login, the Distrii App enables Distrii members to book a desk in any of Distrii’s locations, and unlock meeting rooms and lockers. The app also provides a conference platform where members can share files or laptop screens instantly with all other participants in the call. Besides collaboration features, the app also facilitates administrative management like attendance and leave approval with a click of the mobile phone.

Other than providing a smart nation for their members, Distrii also provides recreational recess areas and exercise spaces. Also open to the public, there is a wide range of choices for dining venues within the Republic Plaza. One can enjoy contemporary dining at Tower Club, grab a beer at Hans im Glück, sip a perk-me-up at Mellower’s coffee bar, or experience casual dining with a unique shopping experience at Nalati Restaurant & Events, the newest F&B addition to Distrii.

Being the first and only garden-themed restaurant in the CBD area, Nalati Restaurant & Events @ Distrii Singapore was launched in August 2020. The restaurant is a unique combination of casual dining, experiential shopping, and first-of-its-kind 4-D digital art. Nalati defines the res-taurant’s purpose as not only providing a lifestyle solution to end consumers, but to build a platform for businesses to tap on and to serve the community.

VIP room at Nalati Restaurant & Events (Image courtesy of Nalati Restaurant & Events)

The restaurant offers both a breakfast menu, as well as an all-day Asian-fusion menu with sig-nature dishes like the Soft Shell Crab with Almond Flakes, Pan Seared Lamb Rack, and the Squid Ink Pasta with Squid and Prawn. Catering, as well as a wide range of assisting services are also available for private events.

Braving 2020

Originally scheduled to unveil in April 2020, Nalati had to postpone their official opening due to the Circuit Breaker enforced throughout Singapore. Undeterred by the reschedule, Nalati commenced business in April as planned. They adapted their business model to provide deliv-ery of corporate packages, and take online orders from stay-home residents and essential ser-vice workers in the CBD area.

Shortly after opening, the restaurant underwent job-redesigning for their workers upon realis-ing the difficulties workers faced in the food preparation process. Previously, workers had to utilise multiple equipment for grilling and roasting. During the process, workers were required to physically oversee the cooking equipment to prevent the food from being overcooked. This was physically demanding, especially for older workers, as the workers had to stand by the equipment for long hours in the heated cooking environment.

With the assistance from NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Nalati pur-chased a Combi Oven under e2i’s WorkPro Job Redesign scheme. The scheme seeks to assist older workers and increase overall productivity for all workers in companies. The Combi Oven integrates different cooking processes like grilling and roasting, which not only shortens the cooking process; Workers can now pre-set cooking temperature and time, hence eliminating the need to physically attend to the machines. The pre-sets also ensured a consistent quality of the cooked products. With the Combi Oven, the restaurant achieved a remarkable increase in pro-duction capacity of up to almost ten times.

Moving Forward @ Nalati

Rising up to the next level, Nalati will soon be implementing a series of technological advance-ments in the restaurant like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function for their res-taurant membership. Through the CRM, the restaurant hopes to gain insight to the needs and preferences of their customers, so as to provide the best solutions to meet their requirements. They also plan to push forward a Quick Response (QR) ordering system within the restaurant to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the service staff.

With these IT amelioration, Nalati will no doubt be in congruence with the futuristic aspiration of Distrii to provide a smarter holistic working environment for their members.

Nalati Restaurant & Events is located at Level 1 & 2, Republic Plaza 1, 9 Raffles Place, Singapore 048619. Tel: 6223 1258.

For more information, please visit nalati.com.sg

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