Chang Cheng Group celebrates CFMJ training
Words by C. Chua

Chang Cheng Group celebrates Certified F&B Mystery Judge (CFMJ) Graduation at KOI Signatures

Chang Cheng Group CFMJ Attendees

Brief Introduction of CFMJ

Certified F&B Mystery Judge (CFMJ), launched in 2019 by e2i in collaboration with Better Together, aims to unveil the process and secrets of mystery diners, provide insight into consumer psychology and food sciences, while equipping judges with the relevant knowledge and skills to perform reviews fairly, and most important of all to build a community of like-minded food experts to improve standards across the board.

Chang Cheng CEO, Erik Wang, sharing his thoughts on CFMJ

Chang Cheng CEO Thoughts on CFMJ

Chang Cheng’s CEO, Mr Erik Wang was invited to share his thoughts on CFMJ. He shares that he managed to learn many useful points on how to judge food quality, taste and presentation of food. With the workshop, he also realises that the skills learnt can be utilised in both fine dining and casual dining. Mr Wang highlights that he has learnt about the importance of understanding the dining ambience and services provided by the waitstaff. Besides the dining experience and food, other valuable insights he has gained from CFMJ include knowing how to promote the popularity of their restaurants and cuisines.

Behind every successful workshop, there would be a team of organisers. Mr Wang recognises the contributions and expresses gratitude to the e2i team for organizing the event as he has obtained practical knowledge. The workshop was conducted in a light-hearted manner and the instructors managed to effectively convey their message, this allowed Mr Wang to have a smooth learning process.

Mr Wang ends his speech by closing off with his thoughts on consuming food. He notes that eating itself is easy, but the difficulty lies in trying to make the dining experience perfect. He emphasises the importance of using all one’s senses to improve and refine the dining experience, and this can only be achieved via everyone’s help and cooperation. With the teamwork and support of everyone, Chang Cheng will continue to succeed.


Tea Appreciation at KOI

As a certified mystery judge, each recipient should also be well-versed in beverages. Therefore, to complement the knowledge imparted by trainers, the graduation ceremony was hosted at KOI and the Chang Cheng CFMJ awardees was able to enjoy a session of tea appreciation workshop conducted by KOI’s team.

Starting off the workshop with an introduction to KOI’s background and history, KOI proceeded with a sharing session on various types of tea leaves, where the participants got the opportunity to smell and observe the different types of tea leaves that KOI uses to brew their tea.  

Samples of tea leaves
Tea brewing demonstration

Thereafter was the Mountain Tea Brewing Demonstration where the awardees managed to have a front row seat to tea brewing. To end the workshop, the participants were given the chance to appreciate and have a taste of the perfectly brewed tea. It was indeed an interesting and aromatic experience.



The graduation ceremony was a great experience as the participants were able to understand the heartfelt words shared by Mr Wang and also attend a tea appreciation workshop to better the participants’ understanding of tea. The experience at KOI was truly one of its kind. CFMJ aims to continue improving the F&B standards by building a community of certified food experts! Cheers to more CFMJ recipients!

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