When Honey Gets An Upgrade
Andrew Koh

Established in 1997, Swift Health Food is a wholesaler and retailer renowned for their range of healthy, nutritional and high-quality products, including their popular HONEYWORLD® honey and bee products such as Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey, and Bee Pollens from leading brands the likes of New Zealand Health Food, Manuka South, Arataki and Melora.

With 11 speciality shops and 10 outlets in departmental stores, the company also manages an e-commerce platform for both local and overseas markets. Putting consumers first, they place an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Powering what’s next

At a time when Singapore is facing its biggest manpower crunch, Swift Health Food has found a silver lining. Foreseeing a future where manpower is more efficiently implemented, they’ve enlisted the help of NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute). Providing extensive initiatives to support businesses, the initiative’s WorkPro Job Redesign scheme allows for investment in substantial warehouse equipment.

Efficient benefits

With funding in place, they were able to optimise workflow in their Toh Guan East warehouse. The recalibration included better work distribution among workers aged 50-years-old and above as well as prevention of workplace injury.

The moving of boxes full of bottles of honey from one floor to the next was one of the biggest problems that had to be solved. In the past, four workers had to make five trips every day to move 20 boxes at each time. Now in their bigger warehouse, they’ve been able to install lifting equipment. With this, the moving of boxes now only requires half the number of workers and quickened the process.

Company director, Pearline Goh, describes the benefits of the new system: “Thanks to an 80 percent grant from this initiative, the new warehouse system helps us improve our productivity by over 50 percent. As compared to our previous operations, our manpower is now better tailored and the overall process has been effectively optimised.”

In addition to cost-savings and increased productivity, eight of the company’s senior staff members were given a pay raise. Swift Health Food are also in talks to implement more incentives for their employees in the future.

Find out more about this company and its products at www.honeyworld.sg

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