Brewing Coffee Magic: Platform 1094 Sends Its First Employee For SG Barista Training
Words by Grace Tan
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Folks who love their coffee will soon have more reasons to rejoice. Some cafes are upping their game by going for the SG Barista Training Course. And what is an “SG Barista” you might ask. According to the National Trades Union Congress’s (NTUC) Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and the School of Coffee, an SG Barista is one “who knows how to make everyone’s best coffee, whether it is a Kopi or Cafe Latte”. And one such cafe eager to support the upskilling of employees is our very own Harry Potter themed Platform 1094!

Platform 1094 has already garnered rave reviews from locals and tourists alike for its unique dining experience – a charming cafe with props and costumes for diners to dress up in, tasty fare you’d usually not expect in highly Instagrammable cafes, and with magical concoctions such as the ‘Goblet of Fire’. Now, Platform 1094 is all set to leave coffee-lovers spellbound by sending their first employee for the SG Barista Training Course.

The SG Barista Training Course at the School of Coffee involves 2 modules (Basic Gourmet Barista Training and Local Barista Training) conducted over 20 hours. The assessments will involve theory as well as practical tests. Highlights of the course include learning how to brew and prepare “local Kopi and Teh using newly innovated Kaffee Kultur methods”, and even exploring local beverages such as Teh Masala!

And here to share his thoughts is Kelvin Tan from the Fresh Fruits Lab Group which manages Platform 1094 and other F&B establishments:

1) Please share the story or background of how Platform 1094 was formed.

Our story began back in 2016, where a desire to bring fantasy and fiction into life first arose. Since we have always been huge enthusiasts of wizardry and magic-related things, the thought of establishing a place that combines a strong rustic interior and impeccable dishes together came about. We decided to venture into this idea and built a platform nestled in the heart of Serangoon Road, where fantasy fiction lovers of all ages can gather together for conversations and extravagant food. Therefore, the place commonly known today as the first Harry Potter themed restaurant in Singapore, is Platform 1094.

2) What are Platform 1094’s signature or most popular items? Why are they special/unique?

One item on our menu that never fails to catch customers’ attention is Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew, commonly known as the Goblet of Fire. It is a cocktail with Blue Curacao Liqueur mixed with rum and freshly squeezed lime juice. What makes this cocktail extremely distinctive is the golden sparkling flame-like effect created when sprinkled with ‘magic dust’, creating an immersive experience for customers. Apart from its Instagrammable feature, Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew has an interesting citrusy taste and an aroma that lingers on.

Mr Ligh’s Flaming Brew (Image credit:

Another well-liked dish on our menu is our House-Elves Special Pork Ribs. Customers will first be enticed by the artful presentation of this dish, but it is more than just a treat for the eyes! This is a gourmet combination of tender buttercream poached pork ribs drizzled with pesto mayo, served with grilled corn, broccoli, tomato, onion and pickled beetroot. From the visual down to the taste, this is without a doubt one of our most popular items among consumers.

3) What is one surprising fact that you wish more customers would know about Platform 1094?

As a themed restaurant, many customers have the misconception that the food is not going to be good. However, at Platform 1094, we pride ourselves in providing the best food, beverage and experience to our customers. Together with our sister restaurants (Fresh Fruits Lab, Herit8ge, Elements Cake), we have a team of experienced chefs and bakers working together to create interesting and delicious food and pastries. All our artisan plated desserts are freshly baked in house!

4) Who did you nominate to send for the SG Barista Training Course? What is his/her career background like and why him/her?

Andrea was nominated to go for the SG Barista Training Course. He was our Sales & Marketing Trainee in the Place-and-Train programme. As he shows interest in the role of a Barista and has shown great potential, we have decided to train him in this area as a secondary role which he can take up when necessary.

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As mentioned by Kelvin, e2i’s Place-and-Train programme is available to help companies address issues of manpower shortages, the upskilling or deep-skilling of workers, and with matching job seekers with the relevant employment opportunities. To find out more about e2i and how it can support your business, head over to

And don’t forget to visit or follow Platform 1094 on social media ( or ) and join Andrea on his journey to becoming an SG Barista.

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