About Wine Specialist 4.0

Wine Specialist 4.0 is an initiative by The Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) to equip wine professionals with combined skill sets like incorporating the ability to navigate and influence change; solve complex problems (Adaptive Skills); acquiring knowledge and mastery of digital systems and programmes (Technology Skills), and being competent in job-specific knowledge and skills (Technical Skills).

With the acquisition of those skills and knowledge, a wine specialist can then navigate the changes arising from Industry 4.0. Wine Specialist 4.0 aims to equip professionals in the wine and related trade sectors with following skill sets:

– Cost and quality management including inventory management, and operations management including dispute resolution (Adaptive Skills)

– Skills in digital technologies and automation (Technological Skills)

– Understanding of Vinification and Viticulture (Technical Skills) e2i aims to design training programs and together with their network of industry partners, fully realise the Wine Specialist 4.0 concept; so as to benefit many Singaporean practitioners in the wine specialist vocation

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