Gifting it Forward
Words by Hoe Ziqian

Adapting to thrive

In today’s pandemic-driven world, your typical retailer playbook has become increasingly obsolete, and many traditional brick-and-mortar players are moving into the e-commerce space to give themselves a fighting chance of survival.

For local lifestyle brand Klosh, which offers an inspiring range of novelties, stationery, home decorations and lifestyle indulgences across its multiple outlets in Singapore, it was a matter of time before they had to find that sweet spot between online and offline.

Local lifestyle brand Klosh employs both an online and offline strategy to showcase its range of novelties, stationery, home decorations and lifestyle indulgences to their customer base. (Image courtesy of Klosh)

With its products curated from all parts of the world, Klosh stores island-wide and online encapsulate an eclectic mix of well-loved gifts and exquisitely designed merchandise for its diverse range of clientele. The company is a firm believer in good design, and how it enlivens and empowers human lives, and that is exactly the reason why Klosh envisions itself as the platform through which aspiring designers come together to showcase their best creations.

But what exactly is the definition of the platform these days? To most, it still revolves around a physical presence but for many others, the lines have since been blurred and many retailers are now employing essentially a hybrid strategy of both online and offline.

Having shifted its focus to e-commerce, Klosh wanted to build up its core expertise in digital marketing to ensure it can make significant strides in its e-commerce adoption strategy. The company partnered with NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to tap on its deep industry links and explore creative ways to improve the readiness of its human capital.

With an emphasis on digital marketing know-how and the agility to adapt to the ever-changing minefield of e-commerce and social media platforms, Klosh is determined to stand up to the fierce competition in this new era of retail through a more robust human resource strategy.

The Klosh online store is minimalist with clean lines, allowing its customers to browse through its wide catalogue of products easily. (Image courtesy of Klosh)

Despite having a clear vision of where it is headed, Klosh is taking no chances by adopting the longer-term approach of developing its own talents through the collaboration with e2i. This serves as a launch pad for greater things to come and helps the company ready itself for any obstacles ahead.

With an everchanging retail landscape, the company may well reap the rewards for its foresight and patience in the months and years ahead.

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