Wine Specialist 4.0

The e2i Wine Specialist 4.0

As businesses are journeying towards Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution), corporations and professionals in the Singapore F&B industry are facing major structural changes posed by disruption, caused by the advent of technologies, automation, and new skills and knowledge.

Modernising and Reimagining the Wine Specialist Vocation

Can one become a professional by merely macerating in their job for years, and is such practice adequate in coping with the increasing demand of a First World city? Lim Hwee Peng CWE, FWS digs deep from past experiences to share his observation on the evolving profession.

About Wine Specialist 4.0

Wine Specialist 4.0 is an initiative by The Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) to equip wine professionals with combined skill sets like incorporating the ability to navigate and influence change; solve complex problems (Adaptive Skills); acquiring knowledge and mastery of digital systems and programmes (Technology Skills), and being competent in job-specific knowledge and skills (Technical Skills).

Discover Wine Specialist 4.0!

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First Graduates of Wine Specialist 4.0

As part of NTUC Employment & Employability’s (e2i) Worker 4.0 initiative, the Wine Specialist 4.0 saw its official launch on 10 November at Roketto Izakaya.

Tradition vs Progress: An Evolving Dichotomy in Wine

The wine industry is staring down at the disruptive forces of change in recent times, Hoe Ziqian walks us through how companies can stay ahead of the curve with an open mind and a healthy dose of courage

Unleashing Your Inner Chardonnay

It is often difficult to stand out from the crowd especially in a competitive industry, but according to Hoe Ziqian, the answer lies in a versatile little grape from Burgundy.

A Bespoke Wine Specialist 4.0 Learning Journey

How do you design your own Wine Specialist 4.0 journey when there are so many options out in the market? Hoe Ziqian, an aspiring wine specialist, weighs in on the possibilities.

A Wine Specialist Meets the Parents

A groundbreaking initiative cannot simply created out of the blue. Lim Hwee Peng CWE, FWS shares how a personal encounter led him to embark on an industry-wide undertaking; crossed path with many industry giants; and engaging one trailblazing entity that ultimately led to the Wine Specialist 4.0.

An Insight to Singapore’s Wine Profession

Is the wine profession in Singapore sustainable given its small market size? Lim Hwee Peng CWE, FWS, a true blue Singaporean and an internationally established wine specialist weighs in.


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