Story of The Malayan Council
Words by Candy Tee

Nestled in the oldest streets of Singapore, The Malayan Council (TMC), with its unique array of fusion food, not only blends culture with food, but also a pinch of history into their menu.

“Singapore was known as Malaya in the olden times, and ‘Council’ is a term for a meeting place. TMC embarked with a vision to be a meeting place for people to gather and enjoy Halal food,” shared Hafiz Alkhatib, owner of The Malayan Council.

The restaurant prides itself as a perfect spot to kick your shoes off for anyone who loves to eat: Be it a family gathering, a light-hearted date for couples, corporate events or simply a hangout session with friends

Known for their hearty western dishes with local influence, their signature dishes like Smoked Duck Lemak Chilli Padi Pasta and Roti Kirai Beef Ribs are popular choices for sharing, as they come in noteworthy generous portions. Another popular choice of their menu will be local-flavoured cakes like Ondeh Ondeh Cake, Ovomaltine, and Durian Pengat Cake. These delectable cakes made exclusively by their in-house pastry chef, fly off the shelves especially during the festive season.

The Malayan Council has 3 outlets to date within the preserved cultural district of Singapore at Bussorah Street, Dunlop Street, and Winstedt Road respectively. Their mission to become the best Halal restaurant in 10 years since their establishment in 2015 is not an easy one. Behind the daily backbreaking maintenance of their distinctive food standard, is a group of young and enthusiastic TMC staff. Their dynamic work pace and vibrant customer service sets the lively ambience for patrons of the restaurants.

[picture of Mr Ahmad Kabeer Mechara]

SG Barista Training Course Nominee

Ahmad Kabeer Mechara is one of such passionate individuals representing The Malayan Council to attend the SG Barista training course 2020.

Ahmad’s keen willingness to learn has earned him a valuable place in the TMC family. His wish is to enhance his skillset to keep abreast with modern trends in the F&B industry. Being the final candidate nominated across the Council’s 3 branches, Ahmad expressed his gratitude for this unexpected fortuity.

“I feel really honoured to be granted such an opportunity. I believe in learning something new everyday,” shared Ahmad. Likewise, The Malayan Council has also a treasured position in his heart. It made him appreciate the invaluable virtue of Generosity through areas like their customer service, food portions, ingredient quality, and staff welfare.

Armed with an upbeat learning attitude, Ahmad endeavours to excel in this training and earn the worthy title of a SG Barista: “A barista who knows how to make everyone’s best coffee, whether it is a Kopi or Cafe Latte. We call that an SG Barista.”

The Malayan Council

Official website:

22 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209350. Tel: 90024414
71 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199484 Tel: 90097345
10 Winstedt Road, Singapore 227977 Tel: 82022971


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