Montreux Patisserie Nurtures Its People Alongside Its Business
Words by Earnest Lim

What started as a humble home-grown family bakery along East Coast Road in 1995 evolved into one of Singapore’s most successful pastry manufacturers. Today, Montreux Patisserie occupies a 51,000 square foot food manufacturing facility with over 100 bakers & cooks that churn out a wide range of authentic French pastries. 


The company was founded by award-winning international chef, Chef Lee Lay, who has over 40 years of experience and is currently helmed by his son and Managing Director, Lee Chit Shung. The family business grew from strength to strength, supplying customers all over Singapore with top-class pastries for all to enjoy. Although the company has a sizeable workforce, Montreux Patisserie and its management continue to prioritise genuine relationships within its walls, a workplace philosophy exemplified through its hiring practices. The business ensures that new members receive the training & nurturing needed to succeed in their roles. 


Montreux Patisserie works closely with NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to source and train talented individuals from all backgrounds. According to Mr Derrick Wang, Montreux Patisserie’s Human Resource Manager, the company works with individual departments and e2i to craft training requirements for new hires. This process helps candidates build confidence throughout the training, allowing them to tackle challenges they may face on the job.


Chin Hong is one such individual who underwent the 6 month training programme. Having spent over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Chin Hong wanted to explore a new environment and expand her skill set. Her friends and family supported her decision to make a career switch, and she decided to apply for the role of purchasing manager in Montreux Patisserie. Upon her recruitment, Chin Hong underwent a structured 6-month purchasing manager training programme to position her for success in her new job. Throughout this training, she learnt how to negotiate with suppliers to reach win-win situations for all parties, a crucial component of her new role.

Chin Hong upon completing her training programme (Image credit- Montreux Patisserie)

Additionally, as Montreux Patisserie is a Halal-certified food manufacturer, Chin Hong learned the certification’s procedures, benefits, and application requirements. In line with Montreux Patisserie’s philosophy of nurturing genuine relationships, Chin Hong received guidance and mentorship throughout the 6 months from her managing director. As a purchasing manager, the relationship with suppliers may often feel adversarial. However, the company inculcated a new way of approaching such relationships. She recalls how her mentor emphasised the importance of building long-lasting & mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers by treating them as key stakeholders in the company’s success. 

Chin Hong receiving guidance from her mentor (Image credit- Montreux Patisserie)

This close-knitted partnership between Montreux Patisserie and e2i allows the business to continuously onboard motivated individuals willing to equip themselves with new skills that help propel the company further. Find out more about Montreux Patisserie’s delectable range of French pastries on their website or follow their Facebook page to stay updated on their latest offerings. 

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