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How Local F&B Software Company, FoodZaps, Grows Its Business & Team

FoodZaps is a local revolutionizing restaurant management software provider founded in 2014. The idea for the company came after its founder, Tan Huey Meng, spoke to a restaurant owner who faced mounting challenges of balancing the many aspects of restaurant operations, such as order management, inventory management and point-of-sale (POS) transactions. The sophisticated automated ordering solutions available at the time were too costly for most F&B owners. Sensing an opportunity, Huey Meng created FoodZaps to provide an efficient and affordable all-in-one intelligent restaurant system. FoodZaps offers F&B owners cutting-edge restaurant management software and hardware that seamlessly assists restaurant managers with day-to-day operations and increase sales through various omni-channels. The company is now an award-winning technology company based in Singapore, serving more than 300 F&B businesses in Singapore and more than 100,000 businesses globally. FoodZaps also owns a patent in restaurant management technology, recognised by the Singapore IT Federation since 2017 and was awarded Gold as Singapore’s best innovative digital service product.


Rapid Growth Brings New Manpower Challenges

FoodZaps has grown significantly over the past eight years and serves over 100,000 businesses globally and 300 F&B locally. Encouraged by the growth, the company decided to pursue further development both locally and in the region. To maintain the quality of its customer service and acquire new customers, FoodZaps had to hire and train candidates quickly while ensuring they were able to adapt to the company culture. The company approached NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to assist with its hiring needs, provide salary support and create a structured training programme that adequately prepares new hires for the role. This partnership enabled FoodZaps to access a pool of talent that fit their criteria and equip them with the skills needed to hit the ground running in just 3 months. Additionally, selected candidates are offered competitive salaries throughout the duration of the training.


Bringing Existing Skills To A New Company

Wei Kang worked in the F&B industry as a bartender before joining FoodZaps as a sales and customer service executive. His experience in the industry gave him insight into the day-to- day operations of an F&B business that added value to the company. He was inspired by FoodZaps mission to simplify F&B operations as he saw first-hand the complexity of managing operations behind the scenes. Wei Kang underwent training for three months and has been with the company for seven months. His colleagues patiently guided him on the tasks he needed to perform throughout his training, which greatly aided his learning experience.

Wei Kang (Right). Image credit: FoodZaps Technology Pte Ltd

Additionally, they openly shared their experiences and skills with Wei Kang, helping him develop his own set of skills along the way. On top of the customer relationship management skills he possessed as a bartender, Wei Kang acquired new skills in public relations management. He found that the three-month preparation allowed him to learn the skills required for the job quickly.


Making A Smooth Career Transition

Jason worked in the engineering industry before deciding to switch to an industry that he finds more interesting. He joined FoodZaps as a sales and customer service executive after discovering the opportunity to undergo training and placement into the company. Jason felt that FoodZaps could provide him with the ideal working environment to pick up new skills that increase his employability. His training allowed him to gain insights into the F&B software industry and build relevant sales and customer service executive skills at the same time. The training helped him understand the nuances of running an F&B, which allows him to better assist clients with managing their business with FoodZaps.

Jason (Left). Image credit: FoodZaps Technology Pte Ltd

Although Jason had no experience in the F&B industry, he had the guidance of an experienced mentor who had years of knowledge under his belt that helped him succeed in the role. The mentor’s assistance throughout the training helped Jason transition from engineering to F&B technology.

Unlocking Growth Through Partnership & Collaboration

FoodZaps rapid growth across multiple countries surfaced hiring challenges that e2i was able to help solve. The partnership allowed FoodZaps to tap into different industries and hire candidates from various backgrounds to grow its team without compromising training quality. Its training programme uses a role-based methodology to help candidates quickly learn the requisite real-world skills, allowing them to hit the ground running as soon as possible. The joint effort allowed new employees to transition smoothly from previous careers into a new, exciting role in FoodZaps. Learn more about FoodZaps at


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