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Janelle Ting and Julia Chan

In the face of adversity, Eat Taste Enterprise distinguishes itself by leveraging technology and automation

Established in 2019, Eat Taste Enterprise Pte Ltd is a food manufacturing company which operates a central kitchen producing dishes to be distributed to food outlets located near MRT stations for sale.

Some of the food produced and distributed by the brand includes fried chicken, poached chicken, fried mee hoon, nasi lemak, paste and sauces.

The founder of Eat Taste Enterprise Pte Ltd was previously a food stall head chef in 2010. He was invited to collaborate on setting up the brand when the owner of the food stall saw that he was capable at work and possessed business acumen.

In addition to their signature dishes—nasi lemak and fried mee hoon—the company also actively experiments and creates new dishes to cater to the market demand. However, they met new challenges as the company grew and found themselves expanding their menu.

With more than half of their 15 staff being senior workers, Eat Taste Enterprise Pte Ltd saw the need to ensure that their work environment is conducive and work processes are efficient.

Staff putting in the presets for the automatic cooker mixer

Through the support of NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) WorkPro Job Redesign scheme, they’ve successfully redesigned jobs to make their senior workers’ jobs easier, safer and smarter. It’s allowed them to eliminate manual processes thanks to the introduction of automation in the central kitchen.

One such example is the automatic cooker mixer that allows workers to heat the soup to a desired temperature and ensures the soup is cooked thoroughly by constantly stirring. The machine shortens the cooking time and frees workers to work on other tasks.

They also purchased an automatic energy-saving deep fryer, which requires little to no human intervention in the deep frying process. Workers only need to add the ingredients into the fryer and pre-set the cooking time. Once cooking is done, the deep fryer automatically lifts the food from the oil,  preventing overcooking and eliminating the chances of workers scalding themselves by accident.

The automatic energy-saving deep fryer

With e2i’s WorkPro Job Redesign scheme, they’ve also installed a cold room in the central kitchen. Before, workers had to transfer the ingredients every two or three times each week; a time consuming and physically taxing task. With the cold room, they could keep ingredients fresh for longer, which meant they only had to place orders twice a month.

In addition to redesigning jobs, the company offered training to teach staff how to operate the new machinery. Undeterred, the senior workers found the machines to be extremely helpful in improving productivity and reducing the need for tasks that were physically demanding.

Staff in the cold room

While the company managed to resolve the problems of an ageing workforce and inconsistent food quality, a new challenge quickly presented itself with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Circuit Breaker measures resulted in a drastic drop in sales and Eat Taste Enterprise Pte Ltd had to postpone the opening of a new outlet.

However, the company remains resilient and has decided to switch their focus to improving their logistics. With the mantra that “within crisis, there are seeds of opportunity”, the company would like to encourage businesses to innovate and stay positive in face of adversity.

For more information on Eat Taste Enterprise and the food products manufactured and distributed, please visit

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