Deli Hub Catering: Reliable Catering for Corporations
Words by Julia Chan

Discover how one of the largest corporate caterers in Singapore serves over a million diners annually

Deli Hub Catering Pte Ltd is one of the largest corporate caterers in Singapore serving 1.6 million diners every year with an average of 28,000 orders a year. Under the Neo Group, its specialty is creating specialised packages for corporate needs such as business events and meetings.

Having been in the business for more than ten years, Deli Hub offers a variety of customised offerings, whether it is a team lunch for ten or a buffet line for 3,000. This caterer has also served 1,000 guests in one sitting.

Besides being Halal-certified, Deli Hub offers a range of dietary options as well to cater to diverse needs. The caterer also supplies packed meals and caters more than 100,000 packed meals every year.

Value-added services and corporate social responsibility

To ensure customers are happy, Deli Hub provides dedicated support via their account managers and assigns one chef-in-charge to each of their menu items, and prepares orders only an hour before delivery. Made with the freshest ingredients, they are also very mindful of customers’ needs and offers packages for a range of budgets.

Deli Hub only works with suppliers who share similar values to ensure ingredients are both fresh, and responsibly sourced both socially and environmentally. It uses 100% biodegradable cornware utensils and FSC-certified paper napkins.

To empower the local community, Deli Hub has a partnership with MINDS to provide continual employment for their intellectually disabled members, such as packing cutlery packets that come with catered meals.

How does Deli Hub improve productivity?

To cater to over a million diners a year, Deli Hub tapped on the WorkPro Job Redesign Grant by the Employment & Employability Institute (e2i) to improve its productivity.

With e2i’s support, Deli Hub invested in an automatic dispense system machine, an automatic injection machine, and an automatic batter depositor machine, which would make its workers’ jobs easier, smarter and safer.

The automatic dispensing system machine was integrated with Deli Hub’s existing stir fry machine where the five main types of seasoning (vegetable oil, sesame oil, soya sauce, liquid egg and normal tap water) could be automatically dispensed during the stir-frying process. With an alarm system, the machine would alert the operator if production was not acknowledged within a certain time frame.

And as eclairs are a popular item in Deli Hub’s menu, the caterer invested in an automatic eclair filling injection and batter depositing machine which was designed to deposit the ingredients and liquid batter after injection of the filling. The machine has pre-programmed functions to record the recipe information and baking process.

As a result, minimal human intervention is required for the work processes and the machine significantly reduces the amount of time spent by older workers on the depositing process to make the eclairs.

Besides needing less time to mix the seasonings and prepare the eclairs, workers’ jobs were redesigned to be more efficient and they also received a portion of the productivity gains. In total, the productivity drive under WorkPro Job Redesign Grant with e2i impacted 19 older workers who received a bonus based on higher productivity.

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