Bringing a Taste of France to Singapore
Words by Janelle Ting

Patisserie G shares the recipe behind its success

A brainchild of chef Gwen Lim, Patisserie G was established in 2012, offering a wide range of French pastries and baked goods. After obtaining a pastry diploma at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, chef Gwen set out to bring the French dining experience to Singapore.

Starting with a cosy, 20-seater pastry shop at Millenia Walk, Patisserie G won the hearts of those working in the vicinity with its premium cakes and pastries. Through strong word-of-mouth recommendations, the pastry shop quickly became a favourite among the French pastry lovers all around Singapore.

The warm and earthy interior decor at Patisserie G (Images courtesy of Patisserie G)

To ensure that their pastries are of the best quality, the company uses only the finest ingredients. Their signature cake, the G Spot has been an all-time favourite since it was first introduced in 2012. Comprising several layers of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate meringue and dark chocolate hazelnut praline feuilletine, the G Spot has an intensely rich chocolate flavour and a nutty crunch. Patisserie G is popular for its coffee too. The locally-roasted Liberty Coffee espresso beans give a smooth, chocolatey flavour, laced with nutty tones. The coffee complements the cakes and pastries, bringing the best of both worlds together.

Patisserie G’s signature cake: The G Spot (Images courtesy of Patisserie G)

Best known for their pastries and sweet treats, one might be surprised to learn that the company also offers savoury products that are of equally high quality. Their baked goods, such as the sausage rolls, wellingtons and pies are well-loved by many customers.

The Corned Beef Sandwich by Patisserie G (Images courtesy of Patisserie G)

In addition to the customers’ affirmation and support, Patisserie G has garnered several accolades since its founding. More recently, they were accorded one of Singapore’s Top Cafes by Wine & Dine magazine in its 2020/2021 guide. In 2015, the company was featured in Louis Vuitton’s inaugural Singapore City Guide.

Chef Gwen attributed Patisserie G’s success to its team of dedicated workers who share a common vision of serving the best quality food. Working in the food and beverage industry is challenging but having a committed team keeps the company going.

To make work easier for their workers, the company introduced the automated cake slicers, chocolate tempering machines, as well as a cooling tunnel belt. Previously, the work processes were done manually in small batches. The new equipment reduce manual work and increase the workers’ productivity. The company leverages support from the productivity grants, such as Inclusive Growth Programme and Workpro Job Redesign administered by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i).

Patisserie G supports its workers in terms of training and development too. A participating employer in e2i’s Place-and-Train program, the company hires workers and allows them to undergo on-the-job training to learn how to perform on the job quickly. The new hires at Patisserie G are also given the opportunity to attend various Baker 4.0 related courses. This ensures that they are equipped with the relevant adaptive, technology and technical skills and are competent to perform their duties.

With plans to open a new bistro in December, Patisserie G is on a lookout for individuals who are new to the food and beverage industry, as well as those looking to upskill within the industry. The new bistro will be called Bistro G and helmed by chef Christophe Grilo who has previously worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants across the world. The company is working with e2i to customise training programs for the new hires so as to better prepare them to grow and thrive in the industry.

In response to the various safe management measures in place during the Circuit Breaker, such as the reduced in-store seating, Patisserie G switches focus to enhancing its delivery capacities. The company hires more ad-hoc drivers to meet the surge in delivery orders. They also redesign jobs and redeploy employees to different job roles during this period.

With hopes that the Covid-19 situation improves in the near future, Patisserie G looks forward to open its new bistro and continue bringing delightful French dining experiences to its customers.

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