Baker 4.0

BAO – Strengthening the Artisan Value Chain

Celebrating World Bread Day with Bakery Artisan Original (BAO)

Creative Culinaire Academy – Stretching & Folding Their Way to Perfection

Celebrating World Bread Day with Creative Culinaire

Swee Heng – Automating Tradition

Celebrating World Bread Day with Swee Heng

Montreux Patisserie – French Flavour with a Local Soul

Celebrating World Bread Day with Montreux Patisserie

Baker 4.0 Symposium 2022

Shaping the Future of Baking and Confectionery

Journey To Berlin

Reliving the special moments from the 50th UIBC World Championship of Young Bakers 2022

The Chocolate Trilogy featuring e2i, Axquisite and Nanyang Polytechnic

Mr Gilbert Tan, CEO of e2i tackles plant-based chocolate desserts

The Baker 4.0 Initiative

Baker 4.0 is an initiative by NTUC’s e2i, that aims to transform Singapore’s bakers and baking professionals through upgrading their skills and knowledge, so as to keep pace with the impending major changes in their work environment.

Future Focused

We are living in extraordinary times, moving and transforming at an unprecedented speed. With the recent Covid-19 rearing its ugly head, businesses have had to grapple with extraordinary challenges. Needless to say, bakeries were not spared.

How Will Baker 4.0 Outlive The Covid-19 Pandemic

Find out how local bakeries adapt to the unprecedented pandemic and discover their secrets to success

Training: Creating Equal Opportunities for All

Transiting from his position as an Applied Mathematics undergraduate in National University of Singapore, Choo Po Yen ventured bravely into the baking industry with a heart full of aspiration to become a pastry chef. His previous experience setting up a small-scale Instagram business made him eager to learn the ropes in scaling up a baking establishment and open a cafe of his own one day.

e2i’s Team Baking Day

In conjunction with breaking the Singapore Book of Records—with a 60 metre-long wholemeal sugar-free filling buns—for the longest line of packaged bread on 15th October 2020 helmed by Creative Culinaire, The School, the CEO of the Employment & Employability Institute, e2i, Mr Gilbert Tan, also led his team to prepare 30 packets of bread as a contribution under the Baker 4.0 initiative.


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