Tech Security Pte Ltd: Providing Employees with Learning Opportunities
By Andrew Koh

Tech Security Pte Ltd meets hiring and training needs with the support of NTUC’s e2i

In this age of digitalisation, most organisations face the growing threat of cyberattacks. Tech Security Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading strategic cybersecurity partner, with a team of highly experienced and certified professionals dedicated to safeguarding organisations in the digital world. Tech Security Pte Ltd boasts a large clientele list, including world-renowned global enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions. Trusted and proven, Tech Security Pte Ltd continues to provide their professional expertise to secure organisations’ cyber assets using their proprietary Active Attention Framework (A2F) and cutting-edge technology.

However, due to the highly specialised nature of their work, Tech Security Pte Ltd faces a shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. While there are individuals who express interest in changing careers to work in the cybersecurity industry, they lack the necessary knowledge and skills required for their roles. Furthermore, as the cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, the prerequisite knowledge and skills required for a particular role will become obsolete over time. Taken together, the cybersecurity skills gap is an emerging issue and poses challenges for Tech Security Pte Ltd in the recruitment of cybersecurity professionals. This presents opportunities for individuals to be trained and upskilled to address the demand for cybersecurity skills.

Fortunately, by engaging the help of NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Tech Security Pte Ltd was able to secure and train its potential hires to be more competent in their roles. To develop effective training programmes for the hires, competency mapping was conducted to evaluate the current competencies of the employees, identify skills gaps and mapping out the necessary training required to fill in these gaps.

One of the company’s new hires, Amos, has been placed on the training programme. Despite having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Information Systems), Amos decided to make a switch in career path to IT Security due to its growth potential. However, having an IT background is insufficient in preparing Amos for a career in IT Security as it is a unique field which requires key skills and competencies. Under the training programme, Amos was able to learn essential knowledge and develop core competencies for his role as an IT Security Analyst. Some notable trainings that he had undergone included learning about the suite of IT Security services and preparation of IT Security reports. Sharing his thoughts about the training programme, Amos has expressed that he had enjoyed the programme and found it very useful in helping him to bridge the skills gap and assimilate into his new job environment.

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