Tackling the Manpower Crunch
Words by Earnest Lim

Founded in 1948 as a food importer and distributor, Angliss is a familiar name to those in the food & beverage industry. As one of the trusted leading gourmet purveyors, the company has provided a comprehensive suite of top quality products ranging from chilled meats, seafood and gourmet produce to over 3,000 restaurants, cafes, hotels and more in Singapore alone. Consumers can also find Angliss’ imported products across the island at NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Sheng Shiong and more. Furthermore, the business has embraced technology with its online marketplace, www.anglissmarketplace.com.sg, where customers can conveniently order high-quality produce delivered to their door.

Its headquarters in Singapore is equipped with a 5,000-tonne cold room, processing facilities and a test kitchen on-site to deliver the highest quality foods to its clientele. To provide the best customer experience, Angliss has a call-centre staffed with well-trained customer service representatives to assist each customer with their enquiry. Furthermore, the business has a fleet of 52 refrigerated trucks that ensure customers receive their goods on time. Having grown to 4 countries over 73 years, the company has had to continuously attract capable talent to provide its customers with the same level of quality and service.

Tackling The Manpower Crunch

The management team approached NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to assist with hiring and training its workforce. Angliss worked with e2i to develop high-quality and efficient training plans for potential job seekers across many departments, including operations, customer service, digital marketing, sales, procurement and merchandising. In total, Angliss onboarded six employees that would help bolster its staff strength and allow the company to continue providing top-quality service to all its customers.

In Search For Continuous Growth

Augustine Teo had previously worked as a warehouse coordinator in the logistics industry. Although he was comfortable in this position, he had always wanted to upskill and join a multinational corporation (MNC). He saw an opportunity to gain new skills and pursue a new career as an operations executive with Angliss. After consulting with friends and family, Augustine made the transition at age 43 with the full support of his loved ones. Augustine underwent training for two months where he learnt about Angliss’ wide range of products and gained familiarity with its warehouse management system. He expanded his knowledge from his previous role and acquired skills in inventory planning and workflow processing. Augustine’s manager and colleague guided him along the way, which allowed him to learn quickly.

Beng Wei decided to switch careers at 32, joining Angliss as a senior digital marketing executive. Having amassed years of experience in digital marketing, he was ready to undertake a role with Angliss that provided him with clear career progression and allowed him to expand his knowledge in marketing and soft skills. He underwent two months of training to learn about Angliss’ suite of marketing tools and e-commerce platforms. Working closely with his colleagues, the onboarding into the company went smoothly, and Beng Wei was able to bring his own set of skills to drive growth in the company. Besides technical skills, Beng Wei enhanced his interaction skills with internal stakeholders, gaining competency in reporting and working at a senior executive level.

Hwee Loon joined Angliss at age 58 after having worked as a merchandiser in his previous company. He wanted to learn about the upcoming trends and products in the F&B industry and took up the challenge of making a career switch to expand his knowledge. Hwee Loon was motivated by the prospect of securing a better career. With his vast wealth of knowledge as an F&B merchandiser, Angliss understood the value he could bring to the company. Hwee Loon underwent training for two months where he gained insight into what products the market demanded as Angliss furnished companies with the best and latest products. Additionally, he expanded his customer interaction skills throughout the training while receiving guidance from colleagues and superiors.

Making A Smooth Career Transition

Germaine Wong was also in the F&B business before joining Angliss at age 29. Her passion for F&B led her to work as a pastry chef; however, Germaine had little time with family and friends due to the long hours. Upon hearing about the opportunity to join Angliss as a Customer Service Executive, Germaine took the plunge and made the switch. She underwent two months of training and has been with Angliss for over a year. Over the two months, Germaine became familiar with Angliss’ products and received guidance from her colleagues to excel in her role. As she looks back at her decision, she is glad that she has more time to spend with loved ones while still working in an industry she is passionate about.

Similarly, Yen Teng worked as a sales & trade marketing executive in a hospitality brand before making a career switch at 35. Yen Teng enjoyed the hospitality business but wanted to explore a career that would help her develop his skillsets in the business-to-business (B2B) market. She joined Angliss as a sales & trade marketing executive after hearing about the opportunity from his previous employer. Her friends and family cheered her on and were optimistic about her career switch. Over the two months of training, she learned about the vast range of products Angliss offered to its B2B clients and honed her creative thinking abilities. She achieved her goal of understanding the B2B segment as she gained insight into the foodservice industry and its inner workings. Her immediate superior provided support throughout her training, even sharing his many years of experience in the industry, which allowed her to adapt quickly.

Bowei had a unique career as a casino croupier before joining Angliss at age 30. He wanted to acquire new skills in warehouse operations in a company that provided substantial career advancement and found the perfect opportunity with Angliss. Although he had no prior experience, Angliss ensured that Bowei would be well equipped with the right skills for the job. He underwent training about the company’s products, warehousing and housekeeping systems. He became familiar with how the company performed stock picking and structured its workflow processes. Through guidance by his manager and colleagues, Bowei quickly gained the competency required for the role.

Adapt, Overcome, Excel

Before joining Angliss, Lay Hoon was a purchasing executive in the hospitality industry. However, due to COVID-19, she was retrenched in 2020. Not one to throw in the towel, Lay Hoon joined Angliss at age 55 as a procurement executive after two months of training. Throughout her training, she learned more about Angliss’ products and built her interpersonal skills with vendors and colleagues. She brings many years of insight and experience as a purchaser, helping to ensure Angliss has a continuous supply of fresh produce for its customers.

Achieving Growth Together

As a continuously growing company with multiple business units across four countries, Angliss always looks for talent to join its team. Working with e2i has allowed the company to fortify their talent acquisition pipeline. By tapping on the various schemes available, Angliss can find talent regardless of the economic climate. The company can save time and resources as e2i assists with screening candidate’s backgrounds to match them with the ideal organisation. The process is made even smoother by working together to craft a training plan aligned with the job’s scope and requirements. Furthermore, with help from e2i, potential employees can be matched to the right career and receive the training necessary to help them thrive on the job. Find out more about Angliss’ wide array of food services and fresh produce at www.angliss.com.sg or visit their Facebook page.

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