Konditori – A Charming Artisan European Bakery
Words by Julia Chan

Konditori was opened in 2016 by the people behind Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro. All pastries and bakes are freshly made from scratch by hand at this charming artisan European bakery located in the heart of Singapore at Kampong Glam.

With the sole focus on providing the best quality for customers, Konditori offers a wide range of artisan breads and pastries prepared fresh daily. The cafe’s artisan breads are baked fresh every morning in its stone sole Swedish Sveba Dahlen oven. Customers can order customised cakes and desserts, and even arrange for event catering services.

Konditori’s unique creations include a Smörgåsbord Gift Box (filled with delicacies such as Skagen with lumpfish roe, hard rye crispbread and Kalles caviar), Personalised Sable Mascarpone Cream Tart and customised Premium Picnic Basket of assorted treats. 

Delectable offerings such as the Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake, French Charcoal Cheese Bun, Lickety Ice-Cream – Love Box and the Hearty Vegan Pesto Salad are just a few options that customers can purchase at the cafe or order online for delivery. The cafe also regularly innovates new products for festive seasons.

The founders of Konditori and Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro wanted to bring the culture of fika to Singapore. In Sweden, fika is a social institution, which means having a coffee with one’s colleagues, friends, date, or family. 

As Swedes are among the heaviest consumers of coffee in the world, this practice of taking a break for a coffee, typically paired with a cinnamon roll and some biscuits or cookies, or sometimes a Smörgås (an open sandwich) on the side, is central to Swedish life.

With this concept in mind, Konditori created a Fika Breakfast, consisting of eggs (scrambled or sunny-side-up), chicken sausages, sautéed potato and mushrooms, wedged tomatoes with turkey bacon, and chicken ham, and served with hard rye crispbread topped with butter and ribboned cucumbers.

To support its staff with new skills and acknowledge their growth, Konditori participates in initiatives such as the Montreux Baker of the Year award and the second edition of Wine & Dine Magazine’s SG Top Cafes 2020/2021.

Konditori has also been selected by Wine & Dine Magazine to receive the SG Barista Training Course by School of Coffee. During this training, Konditori’s barista will be trained in various techniques such as espresso extraction and milk frothing technique to prepare different milk-based beverages such as Café latte and Cappucino. School of Coffee will also train the barista in using newly innovated Kaffee Kultur methods to brew and prepare local Kopi and Teh; and explore the common variations of local beverages such as Milo and Teh masala.

Learn more about Konditori at:

Website: https://www.konditori.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konditorisg/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/konditorisg

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