Cedele leverages technology to enhance productivity
Words by Andrew Koh

Cedele eliminates tedious tasks and streamlines work processes with the implementation of an integrated POS system, with the support of NTUC’s e2i.

Cedele is a popular food and beverage chain specialising in handmade, artisan baked goods. Founded 1997 with a passion for baking and cooking, the establishment offers an array of cakes, pastries, breads, salads and sandwiches that are nutritiously delicious, and contain no artificial additives. In Singapore, Cedele has expanded its footprint to over thirty outlets, with a strong presence in the central business districts, key shopping areas and various heartland malls.

One of Cedele’s best sellers – Carrot Walnut Cake (Image courtesy of Cedele)

However, the expansion of the business is not without its challenges. As the company was utilising five different types of POS system, there was a lack of consistency in the POS processing across the outlets. This meant that processes such as menu updates were more time consuming and tedious, and staff transferred from one outlet to another had to be trained to use a different type of POS system. The absence of an integrated system also made it challenging for less tech-savvy workers to retrieve consolidated sales reports from each outlet and they had to manually generate these reports using Excel. With such a manual process, productivity is largely reduced and potential clerical errors may arise.

To improve and enhance the efficiency of work processes, Cedele has collaborated with NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to implement the POS, Kitchen and Inventory Management System under the WorkPro Job Redesign initiative. The newly introduced POS system has integrated functions which include the swift generation of consolidated sales reports for analysis. The system also allows for inventory data to be managed and updated automatically, eliminating the need for manual inventory tracking. Both of these features help workers to save time and effort, making jobs easier and less strenuous for them.

Staff using the new POS (Image courtesy of Cedele)

The introduction of an integrated system helps to standardise the operational procedures across the outlets, reducing the need to train workers to operate different types of POS systems. The interface of the system is also user-friendly such as including a guided ordering process, which makes it easier to operate. Additionally, the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system can be fully integrated with the new POS system to automate the customer loyalty program, thus reducing the need for manual paperwork.

Overall, the implementation of the integrated POS system helps to redesign jobs for older or the not-so technologically-inclined workers by eliminating tedious tasks in the day-to-day operations in Cedele and allow the company to reap the benefits of increased efficiencies. Their productivity gains are also shared with nine of the older workers aged 50 years and above through a salary increment.

For more information on Cedele, please visit https://www.cedelemarket.com

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