Beefing Up Efficiency
Words By Andrew Koh

Tongue Lip Lanzhou Beef Noodles beefs up efficiency with technology, with the help of NTUC e2i’s WorkPro Job Redesign Scheme

Gala Food Holding Pte Ltd is a local F&B company founded by Xu Rong in 2018, notably known for its brand (Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles) among their consumers. Operating four outlets in Singapore, its business primarily focuses on serving the essence of authentic and delicious bowls of Lanzhou beef noodles. Some of their signatures include the Signature Beef Noodles and Mala Beef Noodles.

Signature Beef Noodles (Image courtesy of Tongue Lip Lanzhou Beef Noodles)

The company actively experiments and creates new dishes to cater to the market demand. However, they were faced with new challenges as it continues to expand their menu and grow their customer base. With the increasing workload on the older workers, Gala Food Holding sees an urgent need to redesign its workflow in order to provide a more conducive working environment for its employees. Under the support of NTUC e2i’s WorkPro Job Redesign scheme, they invested in a new POS and QR-Ordering System which helped to  enhance the overall process flow within the outlet. For instance, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, customers are able to order food with the QR ordering system without physical contact, and older workers no longer need to take orders manually.

Furthermore, once a customer places an order, it will be automatically sent to the kitchen for processing, thus minimising the probability of incorrect or missing orders that may arise from illegible handwriting. Subsequently, when the customers make payment, the POS system also helps to improve the payment experience quicker and better.

Staff operating the POS system (Image courtesy of Tongue Lip Lanzhou Beef Noodles)

Overall, the introduction of the POS and QR-Ordering system has helped to enhance productivity and improve the customer experience. The company believes in supporting the older workers especially during this COVID-19 period and has taken steps to provide support for them. In particular, two of the older workers received a pay raise. These initiatives are timely and much-needed support for the older workers impacted by COVID-19, and serves as a morale booster for them.

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