Barista 4.0

Kings Cart Coffee - Where Passion Meets Innovation

Celebrating International Coffee Day with Kings Cart Coffee

Caffe Pralet - Match Made in Culinary Heaven

Celebrating International Coffee Day with Caffe Pralet

Liberty Coffee – Sourcing for Perfection

Celebrating International Coffee Day with Liberty Coffee

School of Coffee – Nurturing the Everyday Barista

Celebrating International Coffee Day with School of Coffee

Training to meet the King’s standards

Kings Cart Coffee pays special attention to the training and development of their staff.

Four Years on and the Fire's Still Ablaze

Singapore is a food heaven, defined by our collective love of good food. The Covid-19 pandemic, along with its many layers of restrictions, continues to disrupt the F&B scene but some F&B operators took the opportunity to emerge stronger and better. While navigating the murky waters of the 2-5-8 policy, businesses learn to adapt and strategize business operations to fit the new norm.

Growth through Perfecting Your Craft

The story of Better Craft Co. began with Lola’s Café in 2013. It has endeared itself to the community and is firmly established as an institution for reliable, gratifying food and perfectly brewed specialty coffee.

Surviving the Bubble with Koi

This heavyweight that is dominating the global bubble tea scene shares their secrets to success!

A New Chapter Episode 5

In the final episode of A New Chapter, we celebrate Vivian’s achievements and revisit her journey thus far. She also has a bigger dream, what could it be?

A New Chapter Episode 4

In Episode Four, watch how Vivian adapts and makes progress at her new workplace. She is happy that she managed to get employed and had the opportunity to be taught valuable skills. What other milestones could she achieve as she embarks on a new chapter? Watch to find out!

A New Chapter Episode 3

In Episode Three, Vivian undergoes an intensive training course in order to qualify as a Barista 4.0. With no prior knowledge and experience in coffee, it really is a steep learning curve for Vivian. Will she make it to become a Barista 4.0? Watch to find out!

A New Chapter Episode 2

In the second episode, Vivian meets up with the School of Coffee and finds out more about the SG Barista Training Course and their Place-and-Train Programme under e2i. How will things pan out for her amidst all the uncertainties? Watch to find out!

A New Chapter Episode 1

A New Chapter is a production by the School of Coffee in collaboration with e2i. The first of five weekly episodes, the short films tell a fictional story about what some of our fellow Singaporeans may be going through during this difficult period.


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