Wildfire Chicken & Burgers
Words by Jereann Teh

Singapore’s multi-award-winning restaurant, Wildfire Chicken & Burgers, was launched in 2015, gaining the title of Asia’s Best Burger within just 12 months of opening. And we can see why just from their content on Instagram; as we are blown away by the variety of scrumptious burgers offered by Wildfire.

Wildfire focuses on using quality ingredients, handling them meticulously, and cooking them well with time-tested techniques. With a double ventilated Binchōtan-charcoal-fired INKA grill generating heat more than 750 degree Celcius, this enables the chefs to achieve the perfect charring and also creating the signature smoky flavours that the burgers are famous for.

The restaurant also offers their Signature Fried Chicken that are delivered fresh daily and are never frozen. Lastly, not forgetting their spectacular Basque Burnt Cheesecake that has a burnt, and bittersweet outside, along with a light, creamy inside.

Established in 2019, the holding group, The Hey Co. (THC), manages Wildfire Chicken & Burgers and the other sister brands under its umbrella. They strive to be the catalyst for passionate individuals – for the young and old soul and this is imparted in the company name. ‘HEY’ in the name, is an acronym for ‘Happiness’, ‘Energy’ and ‘You’, these words represent the commitment by the group to bringing happiness and positive energy in all their encounters.

To empower individuals through hospitality with an ecosystem that rewards based on meritocracy, that is the vision of THC. And it is this very vision and being in the hospitality industry that THC fully believes in working through mutual effort to achieve strong solidarity in the working environment to bring one another to achieve greater heights and to reach their fullest potential.

One of the game changers for the THC’s operations is the implementation of their point of sale (POS) system from NTUC’s e2i programme – Job Redesign Grant under the WorkPro Scheme.

Wildfire's staff using the new POS system

Prior to the implementation, operations proved to be chaotic as there were no proper systems installed. The back of house (BOH) of the restaurant were unable to receive information once orders were placed, which caused a hassle to the front of house employee (FOH) and BOH employee to convey essential information to keep operations smooth and efficient.

Without a POS system also meant that operations was a struggle due to no proper seating allocation as the system would have pre-assigned tables to every order. This resulted in consumer dissatisfaction, which affected the employee’s morale.

Additionally, inventory checks were time consuming and challenging and it was done manually. This brought up various issues for the team such as high frequencies of human error which eventually led to food and inventory wastages.

Opening and closing without a POS system made it very inefficient and time consuming for the employees as a system would have been able to account for everything in detail and in a short amount of time.

With the implementation, we spoke with two employees who has had first-hand experience with the new system.

“Before, I only assisted in taking orders for the customers. I always had to ask the manager to help me process the payment for customers because I always get confused with the tables and their orders. Now I am slowly learning how to process different methods of payment. I can now key in the orders directly to the POS system and do the payment immediately. I still have the younger folks assisting me but I am getting better at it. Hopefully I can process payments on my own soon”, says Leong Kim Teck.

“Before the POS system, I was able to use the cash register. I could key in the orders and close the shifts for the day. However, closing the restaurant took a very long time for me because I like to be meticulous and make sure that it is all tallied up before going home.

I had to check each individual method of payment manually, which takes quite a bit of time and sometimes I am not able to finish on time.

Now, with the POS system, it makes it so easy to tally up the day end sales report as it has already been calculated for you. I just need to compare the sales report to the other payment terminals and cash. It is also very easy to pinpoint and rectify issues, if any”, says Chong Thaim Mee

With this implementation, it has improved efficiency and increase productivity as all transactions are completed with the POS System with a touch of a few buttons. No more counting of cash!

This is extremely beneficial for the older employees as the implementation resulted in a systematic operation that is easy to grasp with sufficient training. Customer interaction has also improved drastically as well as our employees are now able to focus their time and energy on the customers instead of spending time on the confusion pre-implementation of POS system.

THC has shared that implementing this system will not only benefit the company and its operations but its employees’ morale and productivity as well. Simple and efficient systems help to boost employees’ confidence and morale and this brings out the best in them – making it a great experience for both the employees and customers.


Wildfire Chicken & Burgers

80 Bencoolen St, #0-15 NAFA Campus 1, Singapore

Monday – Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm

Saturday – Sunday 11:00am – 9:00pm


For more information, please contact Wildfire Chicken & Burgers at +65 6509 4408

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