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Words by Candy Tee

Shi Lin first settled down in Singapore a decade ago. Working as a maintenance engineer in an F&B company followed by an electronics company, he had the fortunate opportunity to chance upon the then-newest invention in the F&B sector: the commercial induction oven. Even though the innovation was still in the market-testing phase, Shi was certain of the potential of the product and dove straight onto the technological bandwagon. He set up Kang Jie Technology Limited Liability Partnership to import commercial kitchen equipment to Singapore for our local F&B establishments.

Shi Lin, founder of Kang Jie Technology (Image courtesy of Kang Jie Technology)

The One-Stop Solution Provider

Kang Jie Technology provides one-stop sales, installation and maintenance services of commercial cooking equipment. Their customers are largely from the F&B sector, ranging from hawkers and restaurants, to hotels and food production factories. Among their massive range of cooking equipment, Shi reveals that their most sought-after products are their energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product range respectively. These equipment come in both induction and gas models, depending on the customer’s preference and budget. Some examples of these equipment are the stir-frying and deep-frying machines, steaming stoves, automatic pasta and noodle cooker and combination ovens.

Induction automatic noodle and pasta cooker (Image courtesy of Kang Jie Technology)

As one of the pioneers in the market, Kang Jie Technology has garnered a good reputation over the decade for providing quality products, professional sales and after-sales services. Their one-stop service provides customers with convenience, especially customers of lesser technological or machinery knowledge. The company’s good reviews and positive word-of-mouth from their customers enable Kang Jie to become a trusted supplier to go to, and a reliable referral to others. Many of their customers also return for equipment upgrades, or repeat purchases.

Overcoming Stumbling Blocks

As most of their products are imported, logistical issues are the greatest challenges Kang Jie encounters regularly. Fortunately, under the assistance of NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), Kang Jie was able to obtain a grant to purchase a reach truck which turned the tables favourably.

Using the reach truck to lift and stack bulky and heavy products (Image courtesy of Kang Jie Technology

Shi recalled the times before the purchase of the reach truck: “Whenever the company received large-scale kitchen equipment, we had to engage the neighbouring unit of our factory for equipment and labour assistance. For massive orders, the products usually arrive in a 40-foot shipping container. Our workers had to use manual forklifts to drag out and unload the equipment one by one from the container. This required long hours of manual labour, and workers were often injured in the process of transporting the heavy equipment.”

Now with the reach truck, the workers are able to unload several stacked equipment from the shipping container at a time. The time taken to unload a 40-foot container is greatly reduced to 2.5 hours with three workers, compared to formerly four to five hours with four workers.

Previously, it was also nearly impossible to stack the products atop one another manually as the products are very heavy and bulky. With the reach truck, equipment can now be safely raised and stacked on top of one another, efficiently saving storage space for the company. The reach truck is also nimble enough to manoeuvre in between aisles of the factory shelves, allowing workers to drive the equipment via the reach truck to the designated shelves instead of manually pushing them. With less intensive manual labour required from the workers, injury rate decreased significantly, and the workers are able to reallocate time for other processes in the factory. This in turn reduces the processing time for customers’ orders, and provides greater turnover for the company.

Extending the Kang Jie Promise into the Future

According to Shi, the technology incorporated into kitchen equipment will undoubtedly become more advanced as time goes by. In line with their motto “康洁科技,承诺是金 (our commitment is gold at Kang Jie Technology)”, the company will strive to constantly seek out new and dependable equipment to bring into the market. They also have plans to further develop their staff’s equipment maintenance and after-sales service skills, so as to ensure Kang Jie continues to deliver their “golden commitment” to customers in face of the next wave of technology.

For more information about Kang Jie Technology, please visit kangjie.com.sg

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