Wheeler’s Estate — A Dining Experience Like No Other
Words by Julia Chan

Savour the beauty of nature, space and live music at this unique destination

Wheeler’s Estate was founded in 2017 with the hope of bringing a different dining atmosphere and experience to Singapore. In contrast to the usual dining environments in our bustling city, the people behind Wheeler’s Estate felt that there were rarely any places in Singapore where people could ‘soak’ in the fresh air, while having a good meal with their loved ones and listening to live music.

Immerse yourself in the expanse of gorgeous greenery surrounding Wheeler’s Estate

When they first stepped foot into Seletar Aerospace Park, they were aware that some people would not think a piece of empty barren land with a run-down colonial building would amount to much. Unfazed, they took a big risk in choosing this location to start Wheeler’s Estate.

Located in the heart of Seletar, some people would think Wheeler’s Estate is in the ‘middle of nowhere’, and some may be turned off by the idea of having to travel all the way there especially by public transport. However, its isolation from the hubbub of the heartlands and city is where the beauty of Wheeler’s Estate lies in.

Wheeler’s Estate’s proximity to large grass fields and a stark absence of towering buildings in the vicinity makes customers feel like they are not in Singapore, but in an outback countryside. This uniqueness of the natural environment and ambience of the spruced-up colonial building is what makes a visit to Wheeler’s Estate dramatically different from many other eateries.

The 1.3kg Tomahawk Steak is a must try for all steak lovers

As Wheeler’s Estate positions itself as a group dining destination, its most iconic dish needed to be big and bold to make a statement. Its signature 1.3kg Tomahawk Steak is perfectly grilled over a mix of Apple and Jarrah wood and served with a hearty array of sides for a party of four to six people, evoking the experience similar to eating succulent meats over a campfire in outback Australia.

Wheeler’s Estate also organizes regular monthly theme nights performed by local or international bands. Cover nights like Queen, The Eagles, Jay Chou are some of the popular theme nights with customers.

Let your hair down with live music at Wheeler’s Estate

To keep its food and service top notch, Wheeler’s Estate regularly sends its employees for training and works with partners like the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to upgrade its workforce’s Adaptive, Technology and Technical skills.

The people behind Wheeler’s Estate are always in the constant process of innovation, giving the audience demographics what they want, as they are in the business of making people happy.

To them, there’s really no limit to the types of products and services they can offer. In fact, Wheeler’s Estate has plans to expand more into the entertainment/events side of things further, such as possibly bringing in internationally renowned bands to perform in Singapore.

Mr Bang Jun, Marketing Executive, elaborates, “Wheeler’s Estate recognizes that F&B has moved far beyond being just a place for just dining, but a place where memories are made, and meaningful experiences are created.”.

Learn more about Wheeler’s Estate at:
Website: http://wheelersestate.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wheelersestate/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wheelersestate/

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